Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Track at Downers Grove North High School


New events for this year!

  • “Geezer Wheezer”
    This will be a race for those ~50 years and older! It will be 400 meters (one-lap).
  • “Ben-ipede” Race
    This will be an 800-meter race involving multiple people running together. Teams can run any way they like as long as they’re connected! Feel free to use a rope, hold hands, etc.

Information on other events:

  • Ben’s Open Mile
    General-entry mile race for all athletes who have an estimated mile time slower than 5:30 for men and slower than 6:30 for women. Each athlete will be placed into appropriate waves with runners of similar abilities. If you’d like to be in the same wave as somebody else, be sure to list the same estimated mile time (and be sure each of you are of similar running abilities!). These races will be officially timed.
  • Ben’s Elite Mile (<5:30 for males, <6:30 for females)
    For men faster than 5:30 and women faster than 6:30. There may be multiple waves, and there will be awards for the top three males and females. These races will be officially timed.
  • Ben’s Walking Mile
    This is a walking mile for people of all ages and abilities. It will not be officially timed, as we expect many people to be participating in this walk.
  • Costume Mile
    Dress up as anything you want, and there will be a prize for the best costume! Have fun with it! A clock will tell you your time at the finish line, but this race won’t be officially timed.
  • Kids’ Half Mile
    This is a half-mile race (two laps on the track) for kids between the ages of 7 and 12. This will be a timed race.
  • Little Kids’ 100-Meter Dash
    This is a short race for kids aged 6 years and less. This will be an untimed race, and there will be a prize for all kids who participate!
  • 4×400-Meter Relay
    This event is a relay where four runners each do one lap (400 meters). After each lap, the preceding runner will pass a baton to the following runner in the exchange zone.
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